I've lost my mind. I've lost my friends.
Anonymous: what's your following/follower ratio?

I follow 467 blogs so whatever that ratio is.

Anonymous: I say lil shit all the time fuck you anon

yah yah yah

Anonymous: Anybody who still says Lil shit should kill themselves I firmly believe that

You lil’ shit.

Anonymous: I hate you because you're a perfect lil' shit and you make me feel like a loser. 👺

I’m not perfect and you’re a winner. 


counterparts 4/12/14 @ chain reaction
protestthevillain: i h8 u cuz u didnt folow me bak ur blog sux unfolowd oopz 4got anon

ur h8 dsnt affect meh lyke l0l i dnt cre by haterz

Anonymous: Your blog sucks!

Yeah it’s pretty beat. 

Anonymous: Actually no I take that back. Lmfao . 👌 Unfollowed!

You’re confused. 

Anonymous: I'm kidding ily


Anonymous: I hate you cause you're a fucking show off and you're a cunt because you don't follow people back. 😡 Die.

Finally somebody is playing this game the right way. 

Every gif makers goal in life is to get their work in Derek’s “favgifs” tag. 

Anonymous: i mean, i'm an aspiring graphic designer, looking to do some things like that. i'd make them a banner for free. it's to get my name out there.

I’ll hit him up. Here’s his Facebook if you want to contact him directly I’ll let him know someone is interested. 


Anonymous: I hate you because you have a camera that i always wanted

You should get a better camera because the D3000 sucks. 

Anonymous: tell lowstring to turn questions on


Anonymous: I hate to love you bc you take better pictures than me.

My noisy ass pictures suck though.